News and Announcements

Dear Participants,

The registrations for the “Music and Sciences” symposium has finally begun. Due to the high number of applicants from around the world, we had to upgrade our registration procedures. We are sorry for the delay. Please check the following items to process the arrangements for your registration and presentation;


Online Registration

All participants need to pay the registration fee. We have extended the deadline for the registrations to March 4th, 23:59 (UTC).  The online registration can be made through the following link;


Final Format of the Abstracts

From the link below you will find an example format for the abtracts that is going to appear in the program booklet. 

Music and Sciences-Abstract Final Template

By March 10th we kindly ask you to send us the final version of your abstract arranged according to the format attached. The file should be a Word document saved as [LASTNAME]_Abstract_MS2019

Please comply with this deadline, as we have to make the printing arrangements and manage to have the booklet by the symposium date.



As a separate document, we also would like you to send us a short biography (300 words) of the presenters. The file should be a Word document saved as [LASTNAME]_Biography_MS2019.


Some News

On April 17th Dr. Thomas Christensen (Chicago University) will be giving the first keynote speech titled “The Eternal Braiding of Music and Science”. 

On April 18th Dr. Ian Cross will be giving the second keynote speech titled “Music, Speech and the Human Communicative Toolkit”.